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Homestead & Miniature Cattle Breeds of North America
         gentle cattle with grassfed genetics that work well on small acreage
         Comparisons Between Breeds (graphs)
Homestead & Miniature Cattle Breeder Directory
  listed by region; find breeders near you
Homestead & Miniature Cattle Classifieds
  free and paid ads for cattle
Homestead & Miniature Cattle Social Media Directory
Record Keeping, Forms, Charts, Graphs
*free charts for your barn, office records or website
Frame Score charts (+height-age formula used for bulls and cows across breeds)
  Breed Comparison charts (1 extensive graph and 1 simpler graph that compare breed traits)
Body Condition Score charts
Calving Ease score chart
Composite~Percentage table (how to figure breed composition when upgrading)
  How to Calculate Bloodline Percentage of a pedigree
  How to Estimate Age of Cattle by their Teeth (+ free printable vintage poster)
  How to Estimate Weight of Cattle (using body measurements)
  Udder Score charts (scores should be taken annually within 24 hours after calving)
  Gestation Chart for Cows (table opens in separate window)
  Docility: Temperament Score Charts (sharable info•graphic)
  Bull Owners: Sire Records (to keep on A.I. & breeding bulls)
  Bull Owners: Sire Testing (health tests for A.I. breeding bulls)
  Chart of Cattlemen's Measurements (conversion formulas, animal units, water, feed consumption, etc)
  Manure Scoring... yep, it's a thing; and there's a free app for it: the Texas A&M Extension Service Cow Poop Analyzer
Health, Genetics
Inherited Diseases (testable genetic traits & conditions in cattle)
  Infectious Diseases (cause, diagnosis, treatment, vaccinations & prevention)
  BioSecurity: Closed Herds & Quarantine (many healthy looking cattle carry disease)
Genetics of Coat Color in Cattle page 1 (basic red & black + printable info•graphic)
Genetics of Coat Color in Cattle page 2 (basics of Bos Taurus coat colors & dilutions)
Genetics of Coat Color in Cattle page 3 (the unique Dexter dun)
Articles, Tutorials, Reports
  A1A2 Betacasein in Milk
Chondrodysplasia What You Need to Know About Dwarfism in Miniature Cattle
  10 FAQ About BREEDS of Homestead, Heritage & Miniature Cattle
  Calving Basics: the first 15 minutes can affect a calf for its lifetime
  Calving Basics: 5 Things to Know About Colostrum (info•graphic opens in new window)
  Calving Basics: How to Dehorn Newborn Calves with Paste (pdf opens in new window)
  Calving; an Advanced Course: Baby Bottle Calves? (wean later than you've been told; here's why)
  Bull Safety: Preventing Accidents
  Next Calving Season: Feed at Dusk to Calve During the Day (the calf determines what day it is born, the cow determines what time of day it is born.)
Myostatin Mutations that cause Double Muscling in Breeds of Cattle
Genetic Mutations: (12 fascinating facts about DNA your genetics lab may not tell you)
  About Polled Cattle, Horns and Scurs
  What is the Difference between Purebred and Fullblood? (and who cares?)
  What to Know About Registries; (do secondary purposes rule over a primary purpose of your breed registry?)
  How to Calculate an Ancestor Blood Percentage (a tutorial using your registered animal's pedigree)
  Cattle Guards: What you don't know could hurt you (your livestock)
  How to Order a Bull or Heifer Calf From Your Cow... Fact or Folklore?

Useful Form For Beef or Dairy Cattle Owners; fillable PDF documents to download for your farm in case of an unexpected or emergency situation. This 7 page guideline put out by University of Minnesota Extension Service can be filled out by you with information needed by someone if they come in and take over your herd care:

Are You New to Cattle?... Here are a few suggestions: Don't get in a hurry. Get your management plans figured out and your facilities set up before you bring in new animals (fencing, corrals, shelter, quarantine, etc). Find out about animal health. Research livestock transport. Read about humane & safe animal handling. Learn about animal behavior. Visit with large animal veterinarians, your local extension agents, and local livestock supply nutritionists. Do your own research and use critical thinking. Ask many questions and trust few answers. Don't trust the first thing you hear or the things you hear most often. Always keep learning and take all advice with a grain of salt. Decide what is most important to you, and see what works best for you. Buy what you love to see when you look out your window, and enjoy your minimoos!
Miscellaneous Directories
  Directory of Social Media groups of interest to homestead & miniature cattle owners
  Heritage & Rare Cattle Directories
  CattleFax herds of cattle facts & trivia (probably some you didn't know; definitely more than you wanted to know)
  Glossary of cattlemen terms (the most annoyingly comprehensive on the internet)
  Names for Beeves (realistic pet names for steers or heifers headed to Freezer Camp)
  Miniature Cattle international Breed Directory (coming soon I hope, lots breeds saved up)
Homestead & Miniature Cattle Links
Belfair Cattle Herd Book Registry. To register your Belfair (Dexter X Jersey) use the International Dairy Cattle Registry forms to apply for the International Livestock Registries' first year membership discount: Register your whole herd for only $10/head for the first year of your new membership.
intelliBeef button tagDon't worry about COOL. Ask about IntelliBeef, a Conception to Consumer grass roots direct marketing program for locally raised cattle. Owned & introduced by the International Livestock Registries (ILR), available for all livestock producers of any size operation. Both registered and unregistered animals raised for beef or dairy products to be labeled for farmers' markets or other local sales are eligible. For the price of RFID eartags and a minimum user membership fee, producers can enroll & record their livestock in a private (no premises ID or government intrusion) database that will back them and the animals they breed til they reach the consumer.
More Resources
Developing an Animal Health & Livestock Management Plan,
The Essence of Holistic Management by Ann Adams and Jody Butterfield

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